Whitelisting additional IP addresses

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Please read below for important information regarding new iModules IP addresses and what this means for you.

iModules is preparing for future infrastructure improvements. We need your help to ensure a smooth transition. Your organization may need to whitelist IP addresses for e-commerce use, and we need your attention by August 1, 2013.

Who is affected?
Clients that use these e-commerce providers, which require you to individually whitelist IP addresses, will be affected. The e-commerce providers are:

• Agilis (Agilisco) / Tecstra
• Bluefin
• Chase Paymentech

*If your institution uses PayPal, you will only need to whitelist our IPs if you have specified IP filtering. There are two places in the PayPal manager that are titled "Allowed IPs." One is for allowing IPs to manage the PayPal account, the other is for allowing IPs for transactions. This process concerns those for transactions ONLY. Go to service settings > allowed IPs http://screencast.com/t/ajRInRMqq. If no IPs are specified, then all IPs are allowed. Once IPs are specified, only those listed can process transactions.

If your organization is affected as outlined above and needs to whitelist IPs for e-commerce, we need your attention by August 1, 2013 please.

If your institution uses a service that we connect to for processing credit cards, the person who normally sets up and manages that service would be the person to talk with about the new whitelisting needs.

Please whitelist the following IP addresses by no later than August 1, 2013: (new)
• (new)
• (new)

The following addresses should already be whitelisted: secure7.imodules.com
• secure8.imodules.com
• secure9.imodules.com
• admin7.imodules.com
• adminlb.imodules.com
• securelb.imodules.com
• secure.imodules.com
• admin.imodules.com
• - secure3.imodules.com
• - secure4.imodules.com

We are very excited about the improvements we'll be providing, and we appreciate your assistance for a successful transition.

Please contact your Account Manager or Application Support with any questions regarding this update.