Impact Groups

Impact Group meetings are one-day user group events held each Spring and Fall. These regional user groups provide our clients the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other iModules users in their area. iModules staff members lead the discussion and provide attendees with product expertise.

The Fall 2014 Impact Groups feature brand new content and never-before-seen client examples in the areas of engagement, email marketing, event management, and online giving. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn, share, and network with other iModules users in your area.

from top: from left: City & State: State: (hidden) Registration Text
184 340 Lawrence, KS
Kansas Next meeting: Spring 2015

223 57 Los Angeles, CA California Next meeting: Spring 2015

160 20 San Francisco, CA California Next meeting: Spring 2015

185 459 Louisville, KY
Kentucky Next meeting: T.B.D.

151 144 Utah Utah Next meeting: Spring 2015

185 397 St. Louis, MO Missouri Next meeting: Spring 2015

135 421 Chicago, IL Illinois Next meeting: Fall 2015

94 556 Upstate New York New York Next meeting: Fall 2015

120 587 New York New York Nov. 10, 2014: Registration closed

134 572 Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania Nov. 12, 2014: Registration closed

141 518 Pittsburgh, PA Pennsylvania Next meeting: Fall 2015

89 614 Boston, MA
Massachusetts Next meetings: Fall 2015
88 358 Minnesota Minnesota Next meeting: Fall 2015

155 482 Fairborn, Ohio Ohio Next meeting: Fall 2015

170 560 Washington, D.C.
Nov. 13, 2014: Registration closed

 255  485 Atlanta, GA Georgia Next meeting: Spring 2015

 225 340
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Next meeting T.B.D.

 310 400 Baton Rouge, LA
Louisiana Next meeting: Nov. 19, 2014
44 Portland, OR
Oregon Next meeting: T.B.D.

 530 Winter Park, FL
 Florida Next meeting: Nov. 18, 2014

Registration is open for the Fall 2014 Impact Groups:

Register today for an Impact Group in your area.

Date Location Host Deadline
Oct. 14
*Boston, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oct. 6
Oct. 16
Upstate New York
SUNY Cortland
Oct. 7
Oct. 22
*Boston, MA
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Oct. 13
Oct. 29
St. Paul, MN
University of St. Thomas
Oct. 20
Oct. 30
Chicago, IL
Loyola University Chicago Oct. 21
Nov. 5
Fairborn, OH
Wright State University
Oct. 27
Nov. 6
Pittsburgh, PA
Duquesne University
Oct. 28
Nov. 10
New York, NY
International House
Oct. 30
Nov. 12 Philadelphia, PA
University of Pennsylvania Nov. 3
Nov. 13
Washington, D.C.
American University
Nov. 4
Nov. 18
Winter Park, FL
Rollins College
Nov. 10
Nov. 19
Baton Rouge, LA
St. Joseph's Academy
Nov. 10

*Indicates that there are multiple Impact Groups near this city.

What will you get out of Impact Groups?

Networking, knowledge, and a look ahead.
Meet with other iModules clients face-to-face, and build lasting and valuable relationships with peers in your area.
This is a unique opportunity to learn new ideas for success from other iModules users and iModules staff during a one-day meeting. You’ll discover how to better use your iModules administrative tools, see client examples, hear from your peers, have a chance to share your knowledge, and leave the meeting with ways to immediately enhance your website. iModules staff will lead the discussion, and Product Development will discuss upcoming product enhancements and updates. Whether you're a new client or you've been with iModules for years, we encourage you to join us for a day of idea-sharing, learning, and networking.

Topics discussed:

-Email Marketing
-Event Management
-Online Giving
-iModules Product Roadmap
-Client presentation

What does it cost?

Impact Groups cost $50 per attendee. Lunch is included.
Please note that there are no refunds after the registration deadline.