Encompass is a powerful tool with an incredible amount of flexibility. Our training options attempt to match this flexibility by providing many ways for you to learn the platform and become familiar with its features. We offer training resources and product information resources for all phases of your site management, providing a comprehensive approach focused on helping you succeed every step of the way.
Live Training Sessions
Our modular training provides instructor-led group sessions held via audio and web conference. You are welcome to ask questions.
Recorded Training Sessions
If you missed a modular session or would like to watch the session again, you can find the current list of recordings here.
Special Webinars
The training team offers special webinars throughout the year focused on specific areas within the Encompass tools.
Onsite Training
An iModules expert will travel to your location to get your team familiarized with the Encompass tools.
KS Build Sessions
During the implementation phase, site admins from your institution will travel to Kansas to build out website content. Our clients are always welcome to come back to our office for follow-up sessions!
Just-in-Time Sessions
This one-on-one time with an iModules trainer over the phone offers custom training on your specific needs.
Online Help Site / Tutorials
Access online help materials, including video tutorials, about each of the Encompass platform tools.